Cracked Games

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When Denuvo was getting cracked in under a week last summer, the company defended itself by telling Eurogamer that, Given the fact that every unprotected title is cracked on the day of release—as well as every update of games—our solution made a difference for this title.” This comment was specifically referencing the pirating of Resident Evil 7 less than a week after its release.

The Reloaded group beat that protection, started releasing cracks for previously uncracked games and released their tools eventually, now it is hardly used outside Russia and old SF games aren’t playable on modern OSes lmfao… it even requires a driver installation and a restart.

So, lets begin: one of the games had a application error which I opened with Visual Studio, it indicated that a thread attempted to access a virtual address which it didn’t have access to. It’s most likely kernel address space in my opinion, I may check this later.

Those who argue in favor of piracy often claim that cracked games either allow players to try out titles that they may then go on to purchase. The PS4 and Xbox One have largely been successful in this regard, but now, some newly cracked PS4 games have appeared for download online.

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