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Best Things to do in Dubai – Day 1 – ‘The Walk’ Jumeirah

Dubai is renowned for its luxury hotels, restaurants, malls by the dozen, and many other ways to spend money like there is a hole in your pocket. In this blog series, we will look at lots of ways to enjoy yourself in this amazing city, for free. Today we visit ‘The Walk’ Jumeirah.

Built along the base of towering Jumeirah Beach Residences, the Walk has developed into one the most popular places to visit in Dubai. The bricked road runs the full length of the massive development and skirts the wonderful coastline. It is lined with many restaurants for any taste, coffee shops, hotels, a cinema, fashion outlets and boutiques, home and handicraft shops, outdoor gym equipment, photo booths, street performers, a cute Saturday market and many other cool surprises! The best bit, a gorgeous beach buzzing with activity that’s free to access. So grab yourself some comfortable shoes and enjoy a lovely walk and a picnic on the beach (assuming you are not tempted by all the amazing places to spend your hard earned money).

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In the evening the place becomes a hive of activity as you’d be forgiven in thinking that the whole of Dubai has descended upon the area. The place becomes popular with couples and families taking a stroll and a bite to eat, so grab a seat and watch the diverse mixture of personalities and cultures of those wandering around, and the amazing sports cars that patrol the street.

One suggestion, get there early if you are driving as spaces are limited, or catch the metro and walk 10 minutes through the lovely Marina, which offers many other views and places to eat and drink. The Walk Jumeirah is definitely a place to try whether you live in Dubai, or are lucky enough to be visiting. If you are looking for cheap hotels in Dubai or down along the Walk Jumeirah, make sure you check out our special rates at


Staying Safe From Rippers While Getting Adderall Online

Rippers, scammers, conman, fake pharmacies, rogue pharmacies, fake vendors or whatever you call them, they are out there prying for you all the time. In recent years the number of online pharmacies and websites selling different medications has increased drastically. There are possibly hundreds or even thousands of such websites running from all over the world. Almost all these pharmacies claim to sell different medications and all these medications can be anything from fake presses to overdosed pills. Otherwise, there are high chances that you won’t be getting anything once you have made the payment to someone online for the purchase of medications.

How To Find Rogue Sellers & Pharmacies

Once you have shortlisted some websites that are selling these pills you will need to look for reviews. There are plenty of reviews available online for almost everything and you will surely find a review for the website from which you wish to purchase these pills. You can check all the reviews and after some analysis, you will be able to differentiate between fake and real reviews. Just analyze the real reviews and you will have the good pharmacies sorted out.

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After that, you will also need to look for the payment method used by the site. This helps a lot as pharmacies accepting Bitcoin and Western Union payments are usually rogue. So just avoid them and stick to the ones that accept Credit Card payments. Also, remember that some pharmacies are selling fake supplements in the name of original medications. So always confirm the quality and salts before you make the purchase. Also, try to place a test order to check quality before purchasing your complete supply.

Best Websites To Buy Adderall Online

Well, every pharmacy that ships original can be considered the best. Yet we have analyzed all these pharmacies so that we could help you in making a decision. Most of the pharmacies that are famous have stopped taking payments through Credit Cards. So we found one that accepts payments via credit cards. Adderall Sellers has been active for around 5 years and they have great shipping time. They ship from the USA, unlike other websites that ship from overseas. This means that you will be getting your medications in less time and the shipping is also safe as it doesn’t pass through customs or anything. So buy Adderall online from this pharmacy. Just give them a try and you will be a regular customer until you are fit and healthy.

Factors that Determine Wi Fi Connectivity Speed Status

Internet speed testing is not one of the most popular ways to diagnose if your internet connection speed is below the expected speed of it. Actually, people nowadays use this tool to be able to know if their current internet connection speeds are the right thing or in other words, if their internet service providers are providing the appropriate Wi Fi speeds that they should receive. An example of an internet connection speed test tool is the PTCL speed test tool.

Now, in using this very beneficial internet speed test tool, there are three important factors that determine the speed status of your Wi Fi connectivity which are all featured by the speed test tool. These are the speed of downloading, speed of uploading, and the speed of the ping. To get enlightened with these factors, continue reading below.

The Speed of Downloading

Perhaps the most important factor for you as an internet connection user is the speed of downloading. Most average people make use of the downloading speed more than the other factors of internet connection which are the speed of uploading and the ping speed. The speed of downloading is very important if you are a person who spends most of the time streaming videos, music, playing games online, or downloading large files. If you do not have a decent speed of downloading, then super slow downloading speeds can get you frustrated.

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The Speed of Uploading

Another important factor that determine the speed of internet connectivity is the speed of uploading. Although not people value uploading speed more than the downloading speed, there are still people who value this more than the downloading speed, although by less proportions. The uploading speed is very important for uploading files into the internet including videos, music, and documents. If you operate a blog or a website that needs regular postings, then upload speed is so important for you.

The Speed of the Ping

The ping speed is also an important factor of internet connectivity speed. The ping speed is the speed at which you get a reaction after you sent a request. This ping speed allows you to check your social network sites, you email, and also do some casual web surfing that is not very demanding.

So now that you know these three important factors of internet connection speed, you should use the PTCL speed test to determine if these three speeds of your internet connection, the downloading speed, the uploading speed, and the ping speed are good enough or satisfied your demands as well as the payment that you make regularly. Otherwise, you should contact your internet service provider to settle the problems of super slow internet connection.

Desert Safari – The Essence of Dubai

desolate tract Safari is a ride in to the barren region and a tremendous manner to explore the sandy expanses. using in sand is terrific and interesting activity. it’s far an adventure in itself which mixes the excitement of a curler coaster ride with the task of last mobile at the moving. If the deserts sound drab and uneventful, the Dubai desolate tract Safari will make you rethink your thoughts. Dubai wasteland Safari is one of the unique points of interest that Dubai gives.

it’s miles not possible for one to visit Dubai and not experience it is wasteland. Dessert safaris normally takes 1/2 a day and may encompass an overnight stay in Bedouin tents. sports in desolate tract safari includes Camel Rides, wasteland using, paragliding, etc.

Dubai Desert Safari

In Dubai desolate tract safari the accommodation will be regular Bedouin tents, with Persian carpets and other standard add-ons, and handled to the traditional fish fry of Arabia. The dinner party is observed with the aid of leisure furnished with the aid of the famous belly dancers and musical bands. The “Shisha” or the conventional hubbly bubbly smoking will also be arranged for you. you may find different points of interest like Henna portray and Arabic costumes too. on the safari you may also get a journey to the conventional Bedouin village.To know more about Dubai Desert Safari see our website.

Dubai gives some thing for each vacationer due to variety of it’s points of interest .Tourism is an important factor of Dubai economic system. The metropolis has a easy and secure road and an terrific transportation machine. list of points of interest in Dubai consists of miles of immaculate stunning beaches, the richly distinguished Arabian historical past,inspiring majesty of the wasteland, lively worldwide bars, restaurants and nightclubs – a vacationer to Dubai is assured an awesome enjoy.