Best wireless overhead headphones

For a long time you want to give up wires, enjoying comfort and not experiencing any inconvenience, using best Bluetooth headphones of 2017? Compact and convenient design allows you to connect via Bluetooth – you can enjoy active pastime. A detailed review will help you choose headphones overhead wireless – you can buy your favorite devices in a specialized store.

Pioneer SE-MJ561BT-T

The diameter of the speakers is 40 mm, and therefore the sound quality does not have to complain. The emphasis is on the basses, the upper frequencies have receded into the background. The detailing pleases, the sound is voluminous. Headphones are great not only for music, but also for movies / audiobooks / games.

Bluetooth headphones

Stylish and rather unusual wireless overhead best Bluetooth headphones Pioneer SE-MJ561BT-T – an excellent alternative to vacuum models, as well as wired options. A convenient solution for travel, travel, and home listening. Despite the fact that this model is made in China, the quality of the assembly is pleasantly pleasing. The model is presented in two color variants: silver and gold edging in combination with black / brown skin, respectively.


  • Bluetooth 4.0 – minimum power consumption, which provides a long period of battery life (15 hours);
  • Ergonomics – the device does not look massive or cumbersome, and if necessary, it is easy to fold and fit into a bag. Weight only 160 grams;
  • The presence of a microphone – this model of wireless headphones can be used as a headset.


  • Plastic headband requires careful handling: the design is quite fragile – it can be crushed by sowing or stepping on the headphones.

Arctic Sound P311

If you need compact and accurate wireless overhead headphones, you should pay attention to Arctic Sound P311. This model is perfect for sports activities, and will also become your faithful companion while traveling in public transport. Its distinctive feature is non-standard landing. The headband is missing, and the headphones are fixed around the back of the head.

The control system is located on the right, when you press the buttons you hear a click, which is convenient. The built-in microphone is conveniently located – the interlocutor can easily disassemble the speech, which allows you to communicate not only indoors, but also on the street. Range of action – 15-20 meters, pleasantly pleases the stability of the signal.


  • A variety of colors: blue, black, green, white, pink;
  • The package includes not only a recharge cable, but also a practical practical case – hard outside and soft inside;
  • The minimum weight is only 71 grams, which is much less than the standard overhead headphones. The folded design easily fits in the palm of your hand;
  • Removable ear cushions made of eco-leather are easily replaced, so the device looks perfect even after a long period of use;
  • Battery life – 20 hours (listening to music) / 400 hours (standby).


  • Glossy surface – the coating looks stylish, but it instantly shows fingerprints;
  • Absence of light indicators in these best Bluetooth headphones – the device can suddenly be discharged.


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