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A118C (B40/A118) Dash Cam Review

The A118 / B40 dash cam is a discreet digital camera based totally on the famous Novatek NT96650 processor and the Aptina AR0330 CMOS sensor. The cutting-edge model of this digital camera is the A118C which comes with a capacitor rather than battery

Video first-class for the duration of the day is superb and night exceptional is common. a few proprietors have complained of grainy night time excellent. The A118 facts 1080p at 30f/s with a median bit fee of approximately 15,000kpbs.

The digicam comes with a 1.5″ display and non-obligatory GPS is available. build first-class is quite desirable and is surprisingly better than the famous G1W. the scale of the digicam is 72mm x 52mm x 43mm. whilst now not the smallest digital camera, the form aspect makes this digicam quite discreet when set up in a automobile for some of reasons. The camera mounts without delay to the windshield rather than the usage of a large mount.

The form of the digital camera is likewise quite accurate for discreet mounting. it could be hooked up excessive up at the windshield in order that only the lens is visible from the outside. The digital camera is available in all black, which we’re lovers of. certainly one of our participants, chris-s, has created 2 targeted motion pictures at the camera.

road guardian fashions

Our member jokiin has a branded version of this digicam as properly. This camera has better aid (firmware updates). additionally in contrast to the range in regularly occurring fashions, the hardware is steady and excessive best.

  • street parent SG9665GM (no GPS)
  • road guardian SG9665GPS (external GPS blanketed)
  • regarded problems

Out of consciousness / Blurry

A small number of owners have indicated that the A118 / B40 is out of awareness / blurry. This commonly takes place once the digicam has warmed up after a brief time frame. the subsequent video indicates the end result.

Card complete errors

some owners are indicating they’ve obtained a “Card full” errors once the MicroSD card fills up in place of overwriting the oldest record despite the fact that loop recording is enabled. One capability restore is to attempt a one-of-a-kind loop time (1 min vs three min vs 5 min) which appears to solve the hassle. alternatively try the usage of a one of a kind MicroSD card.

rapid ahead Does not work

the fast-ahead button on the A118 / B40 does no longer really fast forward the films while reviewing on the dash cam screen. The digital camera freezes up and the timestamp is replaced by “1080FHD” in the proper hand corner. This seems to be a computer virus with the firmware. No resolution but.

year 2014 malicious program

when related to the GPS unit, a few owners have indicated that the cameras will trade the yr to 2014. Date and time are great, however most effective year is wrong. For cameras no longer connected to GPS this isn’t always an problem. that is seemingly a firmware difficulty. a few owners have successfully used an older firmware (may 23 2014) to solve the problem. take a look at together with your seller for firmware for this difficulty or do not use the GPS module.

reminiscence Card Slot Malfunction

A handful of customers have indicated the MicroSD card gets caught within the camera and does now not eject. the card has to be forcefully removed. Others have indicated the MicroSD card does no longer live inserted. make certain you are pushing the MicroSD card 1-2mm beyond the “flush” or frame of the digital camera. This trouble resulted as a result of a production trade where the speaker was glued to the MicroSD card slot. The manufacturer has corrected the trouble and is no longer gluing the speaker to the MicroSD slot.

cold climate not beginning

In cold weather situations (below -10°C) some owners imply that digicam does now not start. After the digital camera warms up, it usually works exceptional. notice that the stated operating temperature for this digital camera is -10°C to 60°C.

Card full errors

One owner indicated they received a “card complete blunders” with this error. this error might arise after eliminating the SD card, viewing the video documents on a computer, deleting the video and then reinstalling the SD card. To save you this problem, while deleting the video files from the SD card in a computer, make certain you delete the documents from the trash as nicely (at the same time as the SD remains within the computer).

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should I purchase?

The A118C is first rate digicam for the cash. For beneath $60, you get a camera with appropriate construct nice and high-quality form element. This digital camera may be very discreet and video exceptional is quite true. Reliability has been above average as nicely. A worthwhile digicam to bear in mind if you are on a price range (the G1W is a chunk inexpensive however no longer as discreet). See what different owners have to mention about the A118 on our forum.