Cebu Island Tour Packages

Getting a Cebu package deal & traveling around Cebu Province is a great idea and practice among enthusiastic tourists and adventurers alike. Guests can stretch out on widened bridge decks, with white bean bag chairs, continual beverage service from attentive staff, music from their iPods and even enjoy their laptops, as each banca comes equipped with a cebu boat tours transmitter that allows a connection.

In addition to scheduling local tours, booking reservations and scoring advance event tickets, Expedia makes it easy to book your flight, hotel and rental car in advance, all on one consolidated travel itinerary, making for hassle-free travel and freeing you up to explore the sights of Cebu Island.

If you take a look at the results for the phrase, Islands Banca Cruises, you will find that the top 10 results are a mix of other people talking about their overall positive experiences with Islands Banca Cruises on their own blogs, there are also website directories where Islands Banca Cruises has been listed and finally a forum.

Behind the service is The Islands Group, a Cebu-based group of companies started by Jay Aldeguer out to make travel in the Philippines an unforgettable experience.” The company started with Islands Souvenirs and has expanded into other sectors to meet the needs of travelers.

Fast forward to today, Cebu’s premier island-hopping service, Islands Banca Cruises, which launched in in 2008 and became one of the top tourist activities, finally arrives in Davao to give us the same top notch service that earned them a good reputation.


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