Changes In Panagbenga Parade Draws 2

A one-stop online hub for relevant and up-to-date information of events happening in the Philippines – festivals, conventions, concerts, campus activities, seminars, workshops, sports competitions, movies, product launch, corporate events, bazaar, and many others; a place for stories of people, places, and events. But in the end the city’s people shrug their panagbenga festival shedule of activities shoulders on the downsides and say, well, that was fun, too, for there is no arguing the fleeting floats of beauty and the sparkling costumes in the street dance make for a good break from the doldrums of daily struggles of keeping apace life’s hurried ways.

On this year’s celebration, Panagbenga Festival’s line up of events includes a Drum and Lyre Competition, Baguio Blooms Exhibition and Exposition, Chinese Spring Festival, Kite-Flying Challenge, Panagbenga Variety Show, fireworks display, the most awaited Grand Float Parade and a lot more that’s worth sniffing the fragrance!

We already learned our lesson during the street dancing parade so this time we went two hours earlier to Session Road to find a good spot for the Panagbenga Float Parade As expected, there were already many people as early as 5:00am as this is one of the most anticipated events for this month-long celebration.

Secondly, we limited participation for elementary, high school and college divisions from the Cordillera as far as the street dance is concerned, but you must have noticed that this year, we also ran an Open Category, which was not only for students from Baguio and the Cordillera region, but even La Union, Pangasinan, Nueva Vizcaya, among others,” he added.

If you are the one who has planned to attend this festival of follower or season of blooming, then you must know about the Panagbenga Festival schedule of activities in advance so that you can plan in much better way and enjoy the festival more as compared to those who do come there without planning.


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