Factors that Determine Wi Fi Connectivity Speed Status

Internet speed testing is not one of the most popular ways to diagnose if your internet connection speed is below the expected speed of it. Actually, people nowadays use this tool to be able to know if their current internet connection speeds are the right thing or in other words, if their internet service providers are providing the appropriate Wi Fi speeds that they should receive. An example of an internet connection speed test tool is the PTCL speed test tool.

Now, in using this very beneficial internet speed test tool, there are three important factors that determine the speed status of your Wi Fi connectivity which are all featured by the speed test tool. These are the speed of downloading, speed of uploading, and the speed of the ping. To get enlightened with these factors, continue reading below.

The Speed of Downloading

Perhaps the most important factor for you as an internet connection user is the speed of downloading. Most average people make use of the downloading speed more than the other factors of internet connection which are the speed of uploading and the ping speed. The speed of downloading is very important if you are a person who spends most of the time streaming videos, music, playing games online, or downloading large files. If you do not have a decent speed of downloading, then super slow downloading speeds can get you frustrated.

ptcl speed test

The Speed of Uploading

Another important factor that determine the speed of internet connectivity is the speed of uploading. Although not people value uploading speed more than the downloading speed, there are still people who value this more than the downloading speed, although by less proportions. The uploading speed is very important for uploading files into the internet including videos, music, and documents. If you operate a blog or a website that needs regular postings, then upload speed is so important for you.

The Speed of the Ping

The ping speed is also an important factor of internet connectivity speed. The ping speed is the speed at which you get a reaction after you sent a request. This ping speed allows you to check your social network sites, you email, and also do some casual web surfing that is not very demanding.

So now that you know these three important factors of internet connection speed, you should use the PTCL speed test to determine if these three speeds of your internet connection, the downloading speed, the uploading speed, and the ping speed are good enough or satisfied your demands as well as the payment that you make regularly. Otherwise, you should contact your internet service provider to settle the problems of super slow internet connection.

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